Sunday, May 3, 2015

Investing: Portfolio Update 1

As promised I will be sharing my portfolio updates with you. This probably will happen on weekly or bi-weekly basis. Currently I focus on stabilizing my portfolio by first of all trimming positions (where needed) and secondly by holding shares of various companies. As of yet I only own the shares of 2 companies, which by no means is diverse. 

As markets headed lower I decided to close some positions in ING and Disney with minor losses. These positions were opened at relatively high prices and brought some risk if markets headed even lower. For now I expect markets to head higher after the weekend, but closing positions was needed for the sake of stability in an undiversified portfolio.

Which shares do I own?

The table shows the returns of investment as of the 3rd of May 2015 with positions in the ING Bank (ING.AS) and The Walt Disney Company (DIS).

How is my portfolio composed?

Currently the portfolio (by number of stocks owned) is built up as follows:
  • 56% of the shares are ING.AS, down 11 pts from last time
  • 44% of the shares are DIS shares, up 11 pts from last time

Currently the portfolio (by value) is built up as follows:
  • 15% of the value is represented by ING.AS, down 7 pts from last time
  • 85% of the shares are DIS shares, up 7 pts from last time

My view on the portfolio and returns

My view on the portfolio remains unchanged:
For a starting portfolio the returns in my view are quite good. The portfolio itself should be more diverse. In the future I will be looking into tech and industrial stocks as well. 
ING brought strong returns and I expect the stock to rise even further as profit increases and dividend surges.
Disney brought some strong returns and since last quarter's earnings report I have been slowly buying more of the stock. The stock is a strong long term investment with strong short term gains.

The most recently updated portfolio can always be found here.


None of the information provided here should be considered as an investing advice. Always conduct your own research before investing. Investing brings risks!

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