Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Investing: Sale Of Dassault Stake Is Icing On Airbus's Earnings Cake

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Airbus has published Q1 2015 results on 30th of April before the opening bell. The company's core profit edged lower, but the results were well-received by investors as the shares traded 2.6% higher in Thursday's trading session.


Revenues edged lower, reflecting lower delivery volume in the commercial aircraft segment. 


Core EPS was 15% lower, primarily due to lower earnings at the Airbus HQ department. The Commercial and Defense & Space segment showed strength, increasing the earnings before one-offs by 6%-8%.
The core EPS does not look very flattering, but the reported EPS including the sale of the Dassault stake, which looks a lot better. The sale resulted in EPS surging by 80%. 

Free Cash Flow (FCF)

Airbus managed to in improved its Free Cash Flow and including the sale of the Dassualt stakeincreased its FCF by €2.5 bn.
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