Monday, June 8, 2015

About reaching 150 followers on SeekingAlpha

I recently reached 150 followers on SeekingAlpha. Although this is not an impressive number compared to some fellow contributors, I am still happy with it. 

Currently I focus on the aerospace industry, with a particular focus on the competition between Boeing and Airbus.In my articles I analyze quarter results, orders and deliveries, market forecasts and various aircraft.

Writing about the competition between Airbus and Boeing is not easy, since both companies are extremely complex and a lot of people have a preference for either of the companies. This, at times, results in heated discussions, but most of the times also result in a fruitful constructive discussions with fair points. 

This also motivated me in developing a model that can be used to estimated fuel consumption for various aircraft. This model can be used to analyze the efficiency  of various aircraft and analyze various flights (and draw conclusions on which aircraft might be the better choice). 
Although the model is not fully accurate (no model is fully accurate), I think it does quite a good job and should help investors understanding the products both manufacturers make. 

Besides focusing on Airbus and Boeing, I also am eyeballing COMAC which should play a meaningful rol in 1-2 decades from now. 

Recently I have also been expanding my coverage towards Dutch stocks. I've written pieces covering ING and ASML. In the future I hope to expand my coverage towards technology as well, as just like aerospace articles they require a thorough knowledge about technology/engineering and financials. 

After 2 years of writing I have published 96 articles, gained 157 followers on SeekingAlpha (Visit my profile) and 168 followers on Twitter.

Some interesting milestones/events:

  1. My first article, published on 6/4/2013, not my best article but it was the change from becoming a reader on SeekingAlpha to becoming a contributor on SeekingAlpha.
  2. My work was quoted by Steve Willhelm from The Puget Sound Business Journal
  3. A reach out from the sales department of Boeing that had some comments on an article I wrote
  4. Boeing, Airbus and GE employees reading my work, which shows that my work has a reach in the industry as well.... 
  5. A request for an interview with an investment fund that has an AuM of $2 bn
  6. Establishing this blog to expand reach
  7. Being featured by as 10 dividend experts worth following
The top 3 best read articles:

  1. Boeing And Airbus: The Battle Of The Jumbos, With An Unexpected Winner?Boeing: Last 
  2. Chance For The 747-8I Or Just Leverage To Force Airbus To Develop A More Efficient A380?
  3. Boeing: What Is New On The Boeing 777X?

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